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Our Services

The team members at The Girl Net Media possess the right skill set to meet every client's marketing and communication needs.

Campaign Strategy & Branding

Digital & Traditional Content Creation

Photography & Video Editing

Graphic Design

Web Design

Paid Ads 

What Our Clients Say:


Fena Gonzalez, CEO Fena Arts

ShanelIe is an amazingly insightful and creative person with the capacity to understand one’s vision and materialize it into form. She is not only enthusiastic and highly resourceful, but she has high integrity as a human being and as a professional. I am incredibly grateful to her for her generosity, positivity and ability to help me not just to clarify my ideas in regards to my website and branding,  but to put them into action. It is truly a blessing to have someone like her on my team who is aligned with my values and can help me achieve my vision. 

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